N2.0 – The New Album


N2.0, the long awaited debut album by NEIN has officially dropped!

31 years in the making, the album is now available on all online platforms including the major distributors like iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play.  The album is also available for playlist streaming on Apple Music and Spotify.

The CD can be purchased on the NEIN N2.0 official CD Baby storefront.

Also available is the N2.0 companion e-booklet – this downloadable e-booklet is free (Adobe Acrobat required to view the book).  The booklet contains lots of cool pictures, lyrics to each song, and lists album credits.  A must have for any fan and is free to everyone!

Track listing:

John Bonham Rules
Lack of Funds
Take that Girl
Apologies Mean Nothing
(Let’s Hear it for) Rock & Roll
(I Wanna Incite A) Riot
Is Anyone Wandering Around to Make it Rain?

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