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2016 in Review

2016 once again proved to be a fruitful year in the journey of the second iteration of NEIN!  From a new album to triumphant performances, the band basked in the glow of a glorious year and look forward to capitalizing on this and moving onto bigger and better things.

One item to note is that since the band reunited in January of 2015, this version of the band, affectionately dubbed “NEIN 2.0” has been together twice as long as the original incarnation from 1985!  Here’s to many more fruitful years from everyone’s favorite aging punkers, NEIN!

June 2016 – The Debut Album is Released!

In May, NEIN entered the Grey Brick Recording Studio, under the helm of engineer Peter Duff, and laid down tracks for seven original songs.  Coupled with the single “(I Wanna Incite A) Riot” recorded in November of 2015 (also at Grey Brick), a full-length album titled “N2.0” (short for NEIN 2.0, a moniker coined by drummer CHRIS CRIM!), was released in July to rave reviews.  N2.0 was NEIN’s first full-length album and also the first material released by NEIN since the 1985 single “Upside Down” b/w “Who Breaks a Wheel on a Butterfly”.

coverimagen20 booklet cover

The Gigs:

San Diego County Fair

In June, NEIN once again played the San Diego County Fair to an appreciative crowd.  The gig preceded the release of N2.0 so the band was able to give the crowd a preview of the forthcoming album.

N2.0 Release Party at Winston’s

In August, NEIN had a rip-roaring CD release party held at Winston’s Beach Club in Ocean Beach CA.  The crowd thoroughly enjoyed the high-energy sets which (naturally) included selections from the album and also the single from 1985.  The band also debuted their special “WhiteOut” uniforms including the new NEIN N2.0 t-shirts (which are available on request).


In May and November, NEIN entered Time Warner Studios to tape an episode of the local San Diego Music Showcase “VV and Yourself Presents”.  It was a great experience, the episode is currently in production and we will announce (with trumpets and cornets singing!) as soon as it’s available on the air and YouTube.

NEIN on the Radio!

Selections from N2.0 were broadcast on the Internet Podcast “Listen Local San Diego”, a weekly radio program hosted by local artist Cathryn Beeks.

8/11/16: John Bonham Rules (forward to 1:28:15)


9/29/16: Is Anyone Wandering Around to Make it Rain? (forward to 34:17)


12/1/16: (I Wanna Incite a) Riot (forward to 13:05)

Christian Charities Tour

This year, NEIN had two dates on the Christian Charities Tour:

Holy Family Festival

On October 1, NEIN played at the Holy Family Festival to an appreciative crowd of fans, old and new.  Also on the bill were the local band (and our friends) A New High.


December Nights

On December 2, NEIN played at Balboa Park’s December Nights.  A video of the performance is currently in production, shot and edited by Alex Famous and will be available for viewing here once it is released.


The band would like to thank everyone who came out to the shows, bought the CDs and t-shirts, those of you who took the time to listen to them online, and everyone who follows us here or on our Facebook page.  We couldn’t do this without your love and support, we are grateful to everyone and here’s to a great 2017 from the guys in NEIN!

Photo Aug 17, 8 37 25 AM

“Is Anyone Wandering Around to Make it Rain?” is featured on The Listen Local San Diego Show 9-29-16

The closing track to N2.0, “Is Anyone Wandering Around to Make it Rain?”, is featured on this week’s Listen Local San Diego Show. The appearance on the show promotes NEIN’s upcoming show at the Holy Family Festival on Saturday, October 1.

Listen Local is a weekly podcast hosted by local radio personality/recording artist Cathryn Beeks.
“Is Anyone Wandering Around to Make it Rain?” appears at 34:17 of the podcast.

N2.0 CD Party at Winston’s OB – A Rousing Success!

August 17, 2016 – NEIN had a very successful CD release party at Winston’s Beach Club in Ocean Beach.  NEIN performed two sets at Jefferson Jay’s weekly Open Mic to a raucous, appreciative crowd.  The band played selections from their new album N2.0 as well as the two songs from their single from 1984.

Photographer Cac Nguyen was there to capture the moment and provided some great shots:

Photos © 2016 Cac Nguyen

Photo Aug 17, 11 31 39 PM

Clifford was on FIRE!


Some videos from the evening:



“John Bonham Rules” featured on The Listen Local San Diego Show 8-11-16

The opening track to N2.0, “John Bonham Rules”, is featured on this week’s Listen Local San Diego Show.  The appearance on the show promotes NEIN’s upcoming CD release party at Winston’s on 8/17/16.

Listen Local is a weekly podcast hosted by local radio personality/recording artist Cathryn Beeks.  Click here for more information on the show.

“John Bonham Rules appears at 1:28:15 of the podcast.

N2.0 CD Release Party at Winston’s, 8/17/16

NEIN will officially hold it’s CD Release Party at Winston’s in Ocean Beach, on Wednesday, August 17 at 6pm.  Hosted by the one-and-only Jefferson Jay, NEIN will play selections from their new release “N2.0”.  Copies of the album will be available as well as NEIN t-shirts and other assorted goodies.  Come out and celebrate the festivities!


Read more about NEIN’s album N2.0 here

N2.0 Companion Booklet – FREE DOWNLOAD!

n20 booklet cover

Did someone say free?  Yes, we did!  Get your FREE N2.0 companion e-booklet right here!  This booklet contains rare photos of the band and includes lyrics to all of the songs on NEIN’s new release N2.0.  A keepsake for everyone.  And did we mention it’s FREE?

Click the link below (requires Adobe Acrobat):

NEIN – N2.0 Booklet

N2.0 – Available on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play


NEIN’s new album N2.0 is now available for download on the major online music distributor platforms, so no matter your smartphone or device preference, you can own the album:

N2.0 on Apple iTunes

N2.0 on Amazon

N2.0 on Google Play