The 45 from ’84

by mikelewismusic

In 1984, NEIN was formed.   Guitarist Clifford “Joe Mode” (Clifford Jomuad) joined forces with drummer Chris Crim and came up with a concept of melding rock and roll music with art.  Along with their musicianship, both were budding artists.  The concept would be an audio and visual presentation – more on that in future posts.

The first step they took was to enter a studio to produce a 45 single.  The story goes, the duo met up at Golden Track Productions in Santee, CA., to record The Monkees song “Words” along with an original composition called “Who Breaks a Wheel on a Butterfly?”.

Something happened on the way to the studio though.  Clifford decided to change songs just mere minutes before recording.  Instead of recording “Words”, he decided they should record a Punk Rock reworking of the Diana Ross hit “Upside Down” as performed by Clifford’s prior band the Radical Molesters.

Strangely enough, despite the fact that Chris had never heard the tune before, the tracks were laid down in one take for each musician (including guest percussionist Fernando Allende).  By contrast, the planned for “Butterfly” took several takes to get down.

The result was a stunningly produced first single – “Upside Down” b/w “Who Breaks a Wheel on a Butterfly?”, with the cover artwork drawn and inked by Chris.

Shortly thereafter, the duo recruited Cliffords’s old bandmate in the Radical Molesters, mikelewismusic (Mike Lewis) to play bass for the group.  The band was now set to promote the single!

“Who Breaks a Wheel on a Butterfly?” is now available for download on CDBaby.  In the future, we will have details on how you can order your own copy of the original pressed 45 from 1984 for yourself – so stay tuned!

NEIN - The 45 Cover.  Chris Crim, artist.

NEIN – The 45 Cover